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Josh Smith is a cybersecurity analyst at Nuspire, where he specializes in information systems security. As part of the Security Intelligence and Analytics team, Josh is an expert at identifying cybersecurity trends, analyzing threat actors, and curating operational threat intelligence.

Articles and Comments By Josh Smith

Expert Commentary
Comment On Facebook Plugin Vulnerability
August 07 , 2020 by Josh Smith
What makes this particular vulnerability so severe is the attacker’s ability to assume the role of...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Honda Confirms Its Network Has Been Hit By Cyberattack
June 10 , 2020 by Josh Smith
EKANS (SNAKE) Ransomware was identified around the end of 2019 and while the ransomware itself wasnâ...
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Comment On Thunderbolt Flaws From Nuspire
May 12 , 2020 by Josh Smith
Although the vulnerabilities found in Thunderbolt are serious, the likelihood that they will be expl...
Expert Commentary
Experts On Oil And Gas Targeted In Spear-Phishing Campaign
April 22 , 2020 by Josh Smith
Malicious attackers are not above capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic because the pandemic prov...