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T-Mobile Data Breach, The Second Since The Year 2023
May 04 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“This is a very worrying attack that hit T-Mobile and it follows a series of breaches against the...
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Reddit Hacked In Phishing Attack Against Its Employee
February 13 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“Phishing is without a doubt the most active cybersecurity threat today. According to various indu...
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Royal Mail Struck By 'Cyber-Incident' Leading To Post Delay
February 08 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“Only time will tell how much data LockBit actually has on Royal Mail, but, from experience, and w...
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3.7 Million Customers Data Of Hilton Hotels Put Up For Sale
January 30 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“Hilton has so far denied any claims of a breach, so it is not yet clear what this data relates to...
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$10M Reward By U.S. For Hive Ransomware Links To Foreign Government
January 30 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“Seizing the infrastructure of one of the world’s most notorious ransomware groups is a big win...
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35k PayPal Accounts Compromised In Credential Stuffing Attack
January 24 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“This is yet another credential stuffing attack that has been announced in the last few days, and...
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Employee Tokens Stolen Through Slack GitHub Account
January 06 , 2023 by Julia O’Toole
“Based on the information available, it looks like employee access tokens were compromised, which...
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Air Asia Suffers Major Data Breach
November 23 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
These massive breaches are becoming a daily occurrence lately, and it looks like AirAsia may be the...
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Medibank Hackers Begin Publishing Data
November 09 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
The publishing of the data on the dark web was expected after Medibank refused to pay the attacker...
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Mondelez And Zurich Reach Settlement In Notpetya Law Suit
November 03 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
This widely publicised case between Zurich and Mondelez International has paved the way for how futu...
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Australian Defence Department Impacted In Ransomware Attack
October 31 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
Another week, another breach. It seems like things are going from bad to worse down under.  It is n...
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Exclusive Comments On Medibank Data Breach
October 27 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
It seems like things are going from bad to worse for Medibank. The company initially said very few c...
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Further Singtel Data Breach, Expert Weighs In
October 12 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
This incident could not come at a worse time for Singtel, with the world’s eyes already actively s...
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Ferrari Hit By Ransomware Attack: 7 GB Of Data Published Online – Expert Comments
October 05 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
Ferrari is still investigating this incident, so it is unclear whether they have been breached, but...
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Thousands Of Customers Affected In Revolut Data Breach
September 21 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
Airlines have been a key target for cybercriminals for many years now and in just the last couple of...
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Bosnia And Herzegovina Cyberattack
September 21 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
According to reports, this has brought the parliament in Bosnia and Herzegovina to a complete stands...
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Is Uber's 'Security Incident' Just A Smoke Screen? Experts Weigh In
September 20 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
This latest breach against Uber comes at a time when the company is already facing increased securit...
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Further Attacks On Albania, Expert Weighs In
September 13 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
These attacks on Albania have brought the country to a standstill, so it is not surprising the gover...
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NATO Investigates Security Breach
August 30 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
The claims made by these cybercriminals are very concerning and if the documents turn out to be as c...
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US Government Bans Insecure Software
August 22 , 2022 by Julia O’Toole
This is a positive step forward from the US government and it highlights the country’s determinati...