Penetration Testing In Azure: How It Works, Steps To Follow, And Tools

Penetration testing is a process of identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities in network infrastructure for the purpose of evaluating the level of risk. Azure penetration testing, as its name suggests, focuses on vulnerabilities that can be exploited through Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform. This post will help you understand what azure penetration testing is and how it […]

AWS Penetration Testing: All You Need To Know

Smart Home Hubs

Since its introduction in 2006, AWS has been the king of the cloud market. AWS owns 33.8% of the global market share and this number is greater than any of its competitors by a long shot. Its success is due to its reliability and high scalability. Indeed, you can say AWS outperforms its competitors. Unfortunately, […]

Components of An Effective SaaS Security Audit

Migrating applications to the cloud is becoming a crucial part for all organizations in order to keep up with the competition for scalability and usability purposes. With many organizations opting for cloud-based solutions or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the growth of their businesses, it can be hazardous to miss out on important […]