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Senior Threat Research Analyst

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Attack On Popular Video Game Axie Infinity Where Hackers Swiped $625 Million In Cryptocurrency
March 30 , 2022 by Kelvin Murray
The cryptocurrency space is the wild west right now. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of an unreg...
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Cyber Security Experts Analysis Of REvil Ransomware: Lethal Mix With Powerful Results
July 06 , 2021 by Kelvin Murray
SMBs are the number one target for cybercriminals and account for most of the criminal cash made. Br...
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Experts Reaction On Computer Giant Acer Hit By $50 Million Ransomware Attack
March 22 , 2021 by Kelvin Murray
This was no doubt a meticulously planned attack which involved target research, professional hacking...
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Experts Reaction On Verkada Hack Affecting 150,000 Of Its Security Cameras
March 11 , 2021 by Kelvin Murray
Online cameras have been a favourite hacker hobby for years but it is rare to hear of a security cam...
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Emotet Takedown - What's Next
January 28 , 2021 by Kelvin Murray
Botnets have been one of the most common malware deployment methods over the past decade, and Emotet...
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A New Data Reveals Phishing Related To Amazon Is Up 106% Vs. Last Year - Expert Reaction
November 19 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
We often see a rise in online scams targeting consumers and retailers in the last two months of the...
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Former Australian PM Tony Abbott's passport details and phone number obtained by hacker
September 22 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
With the increased use of social tools to \'post\' about personal life and business communications,...
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Experts Reaction On University of York Hit by Serious Data Breach
July 23 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
Educational organisations continue to be targeted for cyberattacks. Unfortunately, the sprawling nat...
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Comment: England's COVID-19 Test and Trace Programme 'breaks GDPR data law'
July 21 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
Given the urgency in rolling out the test and trace programme, it is clearly challenging to balance...
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Babylon Online GP Service Suffers Data Breach
June 12 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
Anyone who develops an app that handles sensitive customer data should ask themselves two important...
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Interserve Database Hacked: Expert Insight
May 14 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
Unfortunately, health and education sectors are common targets for cybercriminals throughout Covid-1...
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Pitney Bowes Has Been Hit By Ransomware For The Second Time In Six Months - Experts Reaction
May 13 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
The move by attackers to try and steal data is one of the surging trends in ransomware. It can be do...
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Fresenius Hit By Ransomware - Expert Insight
May 07 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
An increase in attacks targeting healthcare organisations suggests that hospitals are definitely one...
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RagnarLocker Ransomware Hits EDP Energy Giant, Asks For €10M - Experts Comments
April 17 , 2020 by Kelvin Murray
This tactic of holding the confidentiality of the corporate data itself to ransom is still relativel...