Hybrid Work Is Driving A Shift To Identity-Centric Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most disruptive workforce events of the century. The disruption began when organizations were forced to deal with a remote workforce, finding it was not only possible—it could be productive. The past eighteen months have significantly shifted organizations’ attitudes toward remote work, but not so much as to […]

Practicing Safe Containerisation

Everyone knows that Kubernetes has won the container wars. Except what Kubernetes has won is the container runtime wars. You see, the container image war was won by Docker. That can be seen in the statistic that more than 1 billion Docker containers are downloaded every two weeks according to the State of Open Source Security Report 2019. […]

Why DNS Is Vital To Keeping The Digital Economy Afloat

Despite its importance in ensuring the smooth running of apps, DNS remains one of the most underappreciated application services of today. Its failure is potentially catastrophic, and could bring the digital economy to its knees within minutes, so why is DNS not getting the attention it deserves?  DNS enables us to translate domain names to […]

Intentionally Insecure: Poor Security Practices In The Cloud

So far this year, there have been five documented cases of organisations exposing their private data due to misconfigured S3 buckets or cloud databases. Wait, let’s fix that: due to intentionally configured S3 buckets and cloud databases. The distinction is important. In order to allow the kind of access necessary for unauthorised users to view […]