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Expert Commentary
Experts Responses on Verizon DBiR Findings
May 14 , 2021 by Mark Bower
The numbers don’t lie –83% of breaches in the financial and insurance sector involved personal d...
Expert Commentary
Data Security Expert Comment On Geico Admits Fraudsters Stole Customers’ Driver’s License Numbers For Months
April 20 , 2021 by Mark Bower
Insurance companies deal with more sensitive data than many other financial firms, including data ac...
Expert Commentary
Italian Menswear Brand Loses Corp Data in Ransomware Attack - Expert Comments
April 02 , 2021 by Mark Bower
Ransomware attacks are the new great digital train robbery, stealing data and crippling business thr...
Expert Commentary
Experts Reaction On Verkada Hack Affecting 150,000 Of Its Security Cameras
March 11 , 2021 by Mark Bower
The new generation of high-tech growth innovators born in the cloud and disrupting industry can’t...
Expert Commentary
Cybersecurity Expert Insight: SITA Data Breach
March 10 , 2021 by Mark Bower
Central airline management systems are attractive targets for attackers. Data has to persist for boo...
Expert Commentary
New Malware Hijacks Kubernetes Clusters To Mine Monero - Experts Insight
February 05 , 2021 by Mark Bower
Kubernetes is extremely powerful and a new foundation of IT strategy, but not immune from malware, v...
Expert Commentary
Security Experts Insight On Nissan Source Code Leaked
January 07 , 2021 by Mark Bower
Modern connected cars with convenient features like remote unlock, remote start require at least a 4...
Expert Commentary
Payments Processor TSYS Ransomware Attack - Expert Comment
December 11 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Data processors and payment organizations at the heart of entire industries are always on the radar...
Expert Commentary
Expert Insight: Docker Malware Is Now Common - Devs Need To React Accordingly
December 02 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Platforms like Kubernetes enable immense application delivery power. However, the built-in security...
Expert Commentary
Experts On New Grelos Skimmer Variant Reveals Overlap in Magecart Activities
November 20 , 2020 by Mark Bower
The shift to increasingly online merchant transformation as a result of the pandemic combined with c...
Expert Commentary
What Experts Say On EU Investigating Instagram Over Child Data Violations
October 20 , 2020 by Mark Bower
For obvious reasons, children’s data collection and protection have very specific handling in many...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Barnes & Noble Hack
October 16 , 2020 by Mark Bower
We’ve seen a repeating pattern in recent scaled breaches like this case – partial protection of...
Expert Commentary
Details on over 350,000 SSL247 customers exposed due to misconfigured AWS bucket
August 28 , 2020 by Mark Bower
The cloud itself represents the ultimate 3rd party risk, and minimum viable compliance is proven yet...
Expert Commentary
Experts Commentary: 235 Million Instagram, TikTok And YouTube User Profiles Exposed In Massive Data Leak
August 20 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Breaches like this fuel the attacks to people that open more doors to much more valuable data. Given...
Expert Commentary
Experts Reaction On Discovery Of Over 2.5M Medical Records Publicly available
August 19 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Sensitive insurance claims processing data, which looks to be in the data in question, is regulated...
Expert Commentary
Twilio's SDK Compromised by Attackers - Expert Reaction
July 23 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Compromise of common cloud security infrastructure is a jewel in the crown for any attacker given th...
Expert Commentary
Cyber Experts Comment On US Secret Service Creates New Cyber Fraud Task Force
July 13 , 2020 by Mark Bower
This is a welcome move, and while critical to help recover funds stolen from US businesses and inter...
Expert Commentary
New Twitter Breach - Security Expert Comments
June 24 , 2020 by Mark Bower
The likely culprit here is human error, but it illustrates the frailty of modern, dynamic environmen...
Expert Commentary
Bank Of America Admits Paycheck Protection Program Data Breach - Enterprise Security Expert Comments
May 28 , 2020 by Mark Bower
It goes to show that even the best prepared organizations can suffer breach risks in the rush to cha...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Wishbone App Data Breach Affects 40M Users
May 22 , 2020 by Mark Bower
It looks like security and privacy have been an afterthought, not a matter of culture and software d...
Expert Commentary
Expert Commentary: Data Breach In State’s New PUA Unemployment System Exposes Some Claimants’ Personal Info
May 19 , 2020 by Mark Bower
All indications are that this was an accidental software issue, but such incidents can be the cause...
Expert Commentary
Industry Experts On Verizon DBiR 2020
May 19 , 2020 by Mark Bower
The report shows the Great Digital Train Robbery is alive and well. External, multi-faceted and indu...
Expert Commentary
Expert Comments Of COVID-19 Tracing Apps Published By Different Countries
May 07 , 2020 by Mark Bower
The COVID app situation is a classic case of balancing risk and benefits, which is exactly what CISO...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Tesla Data Leak: Old Components Containing Personal Info End Up On eBay
May 05 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Tesla always push boundaries of driverless technology, so it’s quite unexpected to hear of data le...
Expert Commentary
Expert Insight On News: SBA Website Leaks Personal Data Of 8,000 Small-Business Loan Applicants
April 22 , 2020 by Mark Bower
It’s clear that prioritizing services to save vulnerable small businesses in a pandemic is a prior...
Expert Commentary
NYC Schools Ban Zoom - Cybersecurity/Privacy Experts Comment
April 08 , 2020 by Mark Bower
Looking behind the concerns over collaboration tools uncovers very real reasons organizations ban th...