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Fraudulent Crypto Exchange Thodex Faces 40,000-Year Sentences
April 05 , 2022 by Mark Crichton
As a largely unregulated industry, crypto trading fraud is rife, so it’s good to see prosecutors b...
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Google Ban App Developers And Prevent Malicious Apps
April 26 , 2021 by Mark Crichton
It is reassuring to see that Google are taking a strong stand against malicious applications on its...
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Cybersecurity Expert Reacted On Banking Trade Body Calls For Increased Contactless Payment Limit
January 07 , 2021 by Mark Crichton
Increasing the contactless payment limit on credit and debit cards does provide a short-term solutio...
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Cyber Security Predictions 2021: Experts' Responses
December 09 , 2020 by Mark Crichton
The year the cloud is finally embraced by financial services. In today’s turbulent economic climat...