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Mark is the Founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm, IDAX Software. He is also a Visiting Professor in Computer Science at the University of York. Mark has worked in internal security for over 30 years, including as Global Director for Access and Identity Management at Credit Suisse.

Articles and Comments By Mark Rodbert

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Expert React On: 1 in 4 Employees Say They Still Have Access to Accounts from Past Jobs
July 07 , 2021 by Mark Rodbert
Unfortunately, this survey is not a surprise at all. Almost every cyber attack includes some element...
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Experts Reaction On Linkedin Breach Reportedly Exposes Data Of 92% Of Users
June 30 , 2021 by Mark Rodbert
LinkedIn urgently need to look at how their APIs are used. A function designed to retrieve informati...
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Matt Handcock Could Have Exposed The Government To Cyber-attacks
June 28 , 2021 by Mark Rodbert
We should be clear that the practice is not in \"contravention of official guidelines\". It would be...
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Reddit,, Spotify, PayPal And More Go Down In Fastly CDN Outage
June 08 , 2021 by Mark Rodbert
It is remarkable that within ten minutes, one outage can send the world into chaos. This demonstrate...
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Russian Hackers Target Washington DC Police Department
April 27 , 2021 by Mark Rodbert
You cannot prevent cyberattacks; the people behind these threats are experts in this, and they are u...