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Expert Reacted On US Treasury And Commerce Departments Targeted In Cyber-attack
December 14 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
This is significant example of a well-executed supply chain attack compromising a popular IT adminis...
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Experts On Clop Ransomware Attacking Retail Giant E-Land
December 04 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
This is a timely reminder that Ransomware operators have changed their tactics and become far more t...
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Experts Reacted On News: British Airways Fined £20m For Data Breach
October 19 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
Attackers invariably need to seek and gain privileged access. The details of the BA attack contained...
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Experts Reacted On Musk Confirms Russian Hack Targeted Tesla Factory
September 01 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
Ransomware attackers seek internal access to privileged entities associated with accounts, hosts, an...
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Expert Commentary: Canon ransomware attack
August 06 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
Maze Group ransomware operators use “name and shame” tactics whereby victim’s data is exfiltra...
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UK airline easyJet data breach impacts 9M customers - expert commentary
May 20 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
Transportation as part of critical national infrastructure is a tempting target for nation state thr...
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Security Expert On IMDA Plans To Introduce Rules For Safer Experience Of IoT Devices
March 16 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
The intention to educate and enable consumers around better security practices for their IoT devices...
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Personal Details Of 10.6M MGM Hotel Guests Posted On A Hacking Forum - Cybersecurity Experts React
February 21 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
MGM has acknowledged a cloud “server exposure”. This could have easily been caused by poor cloud...
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Kwampirs Malware - FBI Issues Warning To US Private Sector
February 12 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
Remote Access Trojans (RATs) are an insidious set of attacker tools that invade our systems, data an...
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Bouygues Construction Paralysed By A Major Cyber Attack - Experts Insight
February 03 , 2020 by Matt Walmsley
We’ve recently seen multiple Maze ransomware attacks and data leaks, particularly in the US which...
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Ex-Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts To Steal Pornography
October 08 , 2019 by Matt Walmsley
This is a stark reminder that privilege policies can be a blunt tool and that the behavior of admini...