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Associate Director of Digital Security and Operations

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Security Expert On Medical Mask Ads Still Showing Up
March 20 , 2020 by Mike Bittner
It’s difficult to police digital advertising, when billions of ads are served every minute to indi...
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On Adware – The Mobile Plague
March 12 , 2020 by Mike Bittner
Ads provide a very important function in the digital economy: they enable access to a free service....
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Response Comment: Google Docs Down
January 28 , 2020 by Mike Bittner
In the post-CCPA/GDPR world, tech companies are paying greater attention to the risks that software...
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Comments On Thousands Of WordPress Sites Hacked To Fuel Scam Campaign
January 24 , 2020 by Mike Bittner
Campaigns that redirect users of legitimate sites to scam sites underscore the problems with relying...
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Comments On The Hanna Anderson Magecart Attack
January 22 , 2020 by Mike Bittner
We need to call these attacks what they are: digital supply chain attacks. Some attacks use the same...
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The Media Trust Comments On HappyHotel Search Engine Breach
January 07 , 2020 by Mike Bittner
An aggregator like HappyHotel is not your average hotel booking site--it\'s neither for family vacat...
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Expert Insight: Magecart Attack On Macy’s Was Customized
December 20 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
While digital skimmers have been around for years, the customized use of skimmers in attacks that ta...
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Comments On The Report: MSPs Targeted For Cyber Attacks In 2020
November 26 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
Digital supply chain attacks are mounting because they give bad actors a nice return for their inves...
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Experts Comments On Macy's Customer Payment Info Stolen In Magecart Breach
November 20 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
The challenge with preventing cross-site scripting attacks is identifying which code should be runni...
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Expert Insight On Fake Domains
November 19 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
TLS certificates were developed to protect communications between a server hosting a site and a brow...
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Experts Comments On WordPress Sites Hit By Malware - WP-VCD
November 11 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
If legitimate plugins purchased from known sites are vulnerable, you can imagine the hazards that co...
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Security Expert Comments On Firefox Blocking Pop-Ups In Next Release
November 05 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
Pop-ups were a good idea until they weren’t. While developed for good intentions, pop-ups have bec...
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Experts On UniCredit Reveals Data Breach Exposing 3 Million Customer Records
October 30 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
Malicious and nation state actors often fix their crosshairs on third-party providers because they a...
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Comments On Google’s Expanding Privacy And Security Features
October 03 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
Greater privacy and control over personal data is the new user experience. The past two decades’ f...
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Comments On Account Hijacking Campaign Hits YouTube Influencers
September 24 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
This well-coordinated attack on influencers combines a simple methodology like phishing with advance...
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Texas Cyber Attack Has Taken 23 Government Agencies Offline
August 20 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
The rash of ransomware attacks on government entities has set off alarm bells among state and federa...
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Facebook Suing 2 Android App Developers Over Malware Infused Apps
August 09 , 2019 by Mike Bittner
The issue of cybercrooks exploiting major app stores and social media platforms in their click fraud...