Ryan Sheldrake, Field CTO, EMEA at data-driven cloud security provider Lacework.

Ryan has been working within IT infrastructure for over 20 years and is a prominent DevSecOps thought leader and multi-cloud advocate. As an early adopter of AWS, Ryan now specialises in the Security and DevSecOps realms so he can talk in-depth about the various elements of data analytics in cyber security and why DevSecOps and cyber security are two sides of the same coin, but also explain the differences in their scope and the way data can be used for the benefit of both.

Lacework is the data-driven security platform for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform, powered by Polygraph, automates cloud security at scale so our customers can innovate with speed and safety. Only Lacework can collect, analyze, and accurately correlate data across an organization’s AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environments, and narrow it down to the handful of security events that matter.

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