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Wannacry - 5 Years On, 68% Of Enterprises Are Still At Risk
May 11 , 2022 by Neil Stobart
This May marks five years since the WannaCry ransomware attacks devasted the public sector. In those...
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2021 Trends Show Increased Globalized Threat Of Ransomware - Expert Commentaries
February 11 , 2022 by Neil Stobart
Security experts will continue to miss the mark with ransomware protection. Security experts contin...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On US Pipeline Shut After Cyberattack
May 11 , 2021 by Neil Stobart
The recent cyber-attack on the largest fuel pipeline in the US has shown that ransomware can pose a...
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World Backup Day - Experts Responses
March 30 , 2021 by Neil Stobart
Data is the lifeblood of virtually all businesses in today’s digitalised world, and therefore prot...
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It Is Wrong To Penalize Companies That Pay Ransoms - What Expert Says
January 28 , 2021 by Neil Stobart
It is wrong to penalize companies that pay ransoms. This is doubly penalizing an organisation that i...
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Expert Reacted On Isentia Breach And Its Impact On Government Departments
October 29 , 2020 by Neil Stobart
Today’s attack is yet another example of the risk posed by ransomware attacks and phishing scams....
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Expert Advise On World Backup Day: How Companies Can Take On Ransomware Attacks And Win
March 31 , 2020 by Neil Stobart
World Backup Day provides an opportunity for all organisations, both public and private, to revisit...