Chief IT Architect, EMEA


Chief IT Architect, EMEA

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GDPR Anniversary, Expert Insight On What Lead To GDPR Fines
May 24 , 2022 by Oliver Cronk
Over £961 million worth of GDPR fines were issued between January 2021 and January 2022 – a seven...
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Experts’ Responses: Cyber Security Predictions 2022
December 22 , 2021 by Oliver Cronk
Supply chain attacks are not as frequent as others however they have the potential to cause exponent...
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Experts Comments On GDPR Anniversary
May 21 , 2021 by Oliver Cronk
GDPR has now been in place for three years, but the ICO relaxed its enforcement of the law last yea...
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Experts Comments on World Password Day
May 06 , 2021 by Oliver Cronk
With the National Cyber Security Centre recently revealing that more than 10% of the UK population...
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World Backup Day - Experts Responses
March 30 , 2021 by Oliver Cronk
It’s common for organisations to dismiss data back-ups as a simple tick box exercise, often under...
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Data Privacy Protection Day (Thursday 28th) - Experts Comments
January 25 , 2021 by Oliver Cronk
Much of the focus around data protection involves securing large, database-driven systems. However,...
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Cyber Expert On Malware Found On Laptops Provided By Government For Home-schooling
January 22 , 2021 by Oliver Cronk
Quick action must be taken to ensure that these devices aren\'t used by vulnerable children or their...