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Five Guys Breached: Burger Franchise Suffers Data Compromise
January 09 , 2023 by Paul Bischoff
"Five Guys hasn't disclosed how many people were affected by this breach, so it's hard to gauge the...
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Web-Skimming Attack Compromise Dozens of Sites
December 08 , 2022 by Paul Bischoff
These attacks demonstrate why website and app administrators need to stay on top of all the third-pa...
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Newly Discovered Trojan Steals 300,000 Facebook Users Details In 4 Year-Long Campaign
December 05 , 2022 by Paul Bischoff
If you install a malicious info-stealing app on your device, there's nothing Facebook can do to prot...
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Shoppers Are Better Prepared Ahead Of Black Friday Sales
November 23 , 2022 by Paul Bischoff
I hope that the increased time spent researching and comparing prices is also making customers more...
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Amazon RDS Leaks User's Personal Data
November 17 , 2022 by Paul Bischoff
The majority of RDS leaks, according to the report, are a result of snapshots being improperly share...
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China-Based Sophisticated Phishing Campaign Uses 42,000 Domains
November 16 , 2022 by Paul Bischoff
This campaign combines two cybercrimes into one: phishing and ad fraud. Victims are tricked into cli...
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Malware Campaign Redirects 15,000 Sites
November 11 , 2022 by Paul Bischoff
I often tell people to look up official websites and contact information for organisations on Google...
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