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Cloud Security Expert Re: Enterprise Cloud Giant Cloudera Leaks Private Credentials Through Public Storage Buckets
August 26 , 2020 by Pravin Kothari
Many organizations do not have visibility into what their users are storing or moving into cloud app...
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Unsecured Server Leaks Family Tree Maker Customer Details - Experts' Comments
July 22 , 2020 by Pravin Kothari
The reality is that we are going to continue to see these types of configuration errors that result...
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Expert Commentary: US Actor Casting Company Leaked Private Data
July 17 , 2020 by Pravin Kothari
The reality is that properly maintaining cloud security is a complex and multi-tiered set of require...
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Experts Commentary On Equifax Settlement
July 29 , 2019 by Pravin Kothari
We’ll see more and more regulators to “bring the hammer down” and levy some of the largest fin...