Security v Speed – Why DevOps And Security Teams Need To Play Nicely To Stay Productive

It isn’t news that DevOps and IT security teams often struggle to align their departments and maintain a coherent balance between keeping a business secure and developing new applications to maintain customer interest.  While security processes are a necessity, they can be deemed by DevOps teams to be manual and cumbersome, blocking the agility that […]

Can Businesses Prepare For Chaos In The Digital Age?

 Point sadly proven – WannaCry ransomware (and the rest) shows why enterprises need to plan for chaos While the WannaCry ransomware infections now seem to be declining from their peak last month, the chaos following the global attack is far from over. The malware that swept around the world infected more than 300,000 computers in […]

The Best Defence Against Targeted Threats

Hackers’ increasing sophistication means perimeter security is failing. Organisations must switch tactics and turn to tools which can stop intruders once they’re inside the network, argues Tufin’s Reuven Harrison. In the past, most companies felt the best way to minimise the risk of a data breach was to invest in better perimeter security defences such […]