5 Ways CISOs Can Improve Cybersecurity

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) revolves around risk.  Specifically, the CISO’s job is to identify, manage, and, where possible, mitigate risks in a manner consistent with the enterprise’s business goals.  The CISO continually evaluates the enterprise’s technical and information assets against the probability and consequence of any given attack, and, based […]

The Risks And Far-Reaching Impacts Of The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Within IT, the skills shortage for various positions is fairly well known. There’s a hiring and education push for data scientists, IoT developers, and a host of other positions. An oftentimes overlooked but supremely important shortage is also occurring within cybersecurity. There’s a limited number of qualified people who understand the pressing need for improved […]

Proactively Managing Data Compliance With Encryption Strategies

The looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) poses a significant concern for U.S. firms, given the high standards outlined. The Gartner research predicts less than 50% of all the US companies that will be held to the rules will be fully compliant by the May 2018 implementation deadline. Within the upcoming GDPR requirements, companies will […]

Offering Google’s New User Encryption

Google announced a new beta capability on its Cloud Platform Blog: support for customer-supplied encryption keys –  “Bring Your Own Encryption Keys to Google Cloud Platform”  The feature lets users create and hold the keys, determine when data is active or “at rest,” and prevent anyone accessing their “at rest” data. Richard Blech, CEO and Co-Founder, at […]

Comments on Cryptographers Fight the FBI on Mobile Security

Richard Blech, encryption security expert and CEO of Secure Channels commented on Wall Street Journal report on “Cryptographers Fight FBI on Mobile Security” Richard Blech, Encryption Security Expert and CEO of Secure Channels : “At the end of the day the FBI are behind a rock and a hard place. The government agencies are trying […]

Security Expert Comments on CIA Finds Stolen Gov’t Log-ins Across the Web

Richard Blech, CEO & Co-Founder, Secure Channels, on today’s news that a CIA-backed tech company found on the Web logins and passwords connected with the DOE, DoD, Dept. of Justice, Dept. of the Treasury, the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence. Richard Blech, CEO & Co-Founder, Secure Channels: “This is further demonstration of catastrophic, systemic failure.  And what will […]