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Wiltshire Farm Foods Cyberattack
June 28 , 2022 by Richard Walters
“Thousands of people relying on meals on wheels will miss out this week.   “Cyber threats a...
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Data Privacy Day – Expert Commentary
January 27 , 2022 by Richard Walters
A step closer to Walled gardens to protect data “The international focus on data privacy laws wi...
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Expert Comment on Irish Health Service Ransomware Attack
May 17 , 2021 by Richard Walters
Ransomware attacks against any organisation can have serious consequences, but in the case of health...
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Expert Insight On Ryuk’s Revenge: Infamous Ransomware Is Back And Stronger Than Ever
March 04 , 2021 by Richard Walters
Ransomware attacks often start with phishing emails designed to trick victims into giving up their...
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Lloyds Debit Card Glitch - Expert Analyses The Latest String Of Software Glitches
January 05 , 2021 by Richard Walters
Cybercriminals will continue to try and take advantage of the isolated remote worker, as the world g...
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Thousands Of British Passports Left Exposed On Unsecured AWS Bucket
January 16 , 2020 by Richard Walters
Another day, another unsecured AWS bucket, and the data in this one couldn\'t be more sensitive. The...
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Experts Dots On Massive Database Of Facebook Users' FB IDs And Phone Numbers Found Online - On An Unprotected Server
September 06 , 2019 by Richard Walters
This is not the first data privacy scandal that has hit Facebook - but that should not detract from...
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Teletext Holidays Data Breach Exposes 212,000 Customer Call Recordings
September 05 , 2019 by Richard Walters
The news that Teletext Holidays left the recorded telephone calls of over 200,000 customers exposed...