Principal Cybersecurity Strategist


Principal Cybersecurity Strategist

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Experts' Responses: Cyber Security Predictions 2023
November 29 , 2022 by Rick McElroy
Healthcare will continue to be top targets for cybercriminals in 2023 “With telemedicine becomi...
Expert Commentary
Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Insight From Seasoned Experts
October 25 , 2021 by Rick McElroy
One of the most pressing issues facing the cybersecurity industry is burnout, driven in large part b...
Expert Commentary
What Expert Says on Vaccine Passport Security
September 12 , 2021 by Rick McElroy
What security risks should governments keep in mind when progressing vaccine passports initiatives?...
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Experts Comments on World Password Day
May 04 , 2021 by Rick McElroy
Using a password is as antiquated as using a standard key on your front door -- it\'s locked but som...