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Cyber Security Predictions 2021: Experts' Responses
December 11 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Addressing bias in AI algorithms will be a top priority causing guidelines to be rolled out for mach...
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Expert Commentary: Drizly Breach And Its Implications
July 29 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Drizly’s exposed email addresses, delivery addresses, credit card details, hashed passwords, birth...
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Expert Commentary: US Actor Casting Company Leaked Private Data
July 17 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
The unsecured database containing personal information for 260,000 users puts the...
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Aspire News' Data Breach - Security Expert Reaction
June 26 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
The Aspire News app, designed to protect domestic violence victims, has done the opposite by exposin...
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Expert Commentary: Frost & Sullivan Data Breach
June 25 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Frost & Sullivan’s breach of over 12,000 customer and company records adds even more personal info...
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Amtrak Data Breach: Expert Commentary
June 02 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Amtrak\'s breached Guest Rewards usernames and passwords have already been used by fraudsters to acc...
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Mathway Data Leak - Experts Commentary
May 25 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
The exposure of 25 million Mathway usernames and passwords now for sale on the dark web gives frauds...
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Home Chef Data Breach: Experts Commentary
May 21 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Home Chef’s breach of 8 million records puts more than customers’ meal kit delivery services at...
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MobiFriends Data Breach: Expert Commentary
May 11 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
By exposing 3.6 million user email addresses, mobile numbers, gender information and app/website act...
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Experts Commentary On GoDaddy Informs Customers Of Data Breach From October
May 06 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
GoDaddy’s breach of web hosting account credentials further proves usernames and passwords can’t...
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Le Figaro Database Exposure - Expert Commentary
May 04 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
The 7.4 billion personal records exposed by Le Figaro are certain to make it onto the dark web where...
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PAAY Database Exposure - Expert Commentary
April 23 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
PAAY offers a service as a third-party middleman between two banks by providing an additional securi...
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Whisper App Exposes Intimate Secrets Of Nearly A Billion Users - Experts Insight
March 13 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Whisper\'s failure to protect its online database has opened this secret-sharing app\'s 900 million...
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Boots Suspends Advantage Card Payments After Cyber Attack - Experts Responds
March 06 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Over the past 72 hours, Tesco Clubcards and Boots Advantage Cards have had nearly a million personal...
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Personal Details Of 10.6M MGM Hotel Guests Posted On A Hacking Forum - Cybersecurity Experts React
February 24 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Unfortunately, users’ data being exposed and made available to a wide range of bad actors is so co...
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YouTube Deepfake Ban - Expert Commentary
February 05 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
Because deepfakes have proven to spread misinformation and damage reputations, regulation is critica...
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LabCorp Exposes Thousands Of Medical Documents - Commentary
January 29 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
This is LabCorp’s second time making headlines in less than a year. Yes, this new breach is less e...
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Experts Response On TikTok Vulnerability To Let Hackers Access Users’ Videos
January 10 , 2020 by Robert Prigge
SMS is often used by two-factor authentication solution providers but this is highly problematic, an...
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267M Facebook User IDs, Phone Numbers And Names Exposed Online - Expert Commentary
December 20 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
Yawn, another data breach. We\'re all getting a bit jaded by these breaches, and it’s a given that...
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Security Expert On Sweaty Betty's eCommerce Data Breach
December 05 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
\"With the holiday retail season in full swing, digital commerce companies can increasingly expect t...
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Experts Comments On Macy's Customer Payment Info Stolen In Magecart Breach
November 20 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
The Macy’s data breach is concerning for two reasons. First, it released even more personally iden...
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Comments: Hacker Steals Over 218 Million Zynga Gamers' Data
October 01 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
Zynga’s data breach exposing the usernames, emails and passwords of more than 200 million users fu...
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DoorDash Data Breach Impacts 4.9M Users - Experts Comments
September 27 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
In today’s digital-first economy, consumers are accustomed to having everything – even their fav...
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Expert Comment: Heyyo Dating App Leaked Users' Personal Data, Photos etc.
September 26 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
Heyyo’s user database breach occurred because the information was left on a server without a passw...
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MoviePass Exposes 161M Records
August 21 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
Another week, another data breach. Today\'s MoviePass breach is potentially massive in scale given t...
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Biometric Database Breach: Expert Commentary
August 15 , 2019 by Robert Prigge
This data breach comes at a critical moment, as a growing number of consumers are comfortable using...