5 New Year’s Resolutions for IT Professionals

So 2016 is here and while it’s not a “special” year – such as 1984 or 2001 – it’s an important year for IT professionals. It’s a year that will see continued change in both the IT and business landscapes but, just as importantly, it also requires “people change.” Some of it will be very […]

6 Technology Predictions for 2016

2016 will be characterized by power shifts as corporate IT, and the technology it employs, transforms at an exponential rate. The impact of these power shifts will affect customer budgets and priorities, which will in turn change technology vendor approaches. Many of these predictions have already started in 2015, via early adopters, and will continue […]

Challenges of IoT in the Workplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the subject of industry analyst, and tech-media, excitement for just about forever. From an IT security perspective, cyber-criminals must be rubbing their hands together in excitement when they read that the US Federal Trade Commission estimates there now to be twenty-five billion devices online, with separate HP research […]

Future of Cloud Computing

It has taken ten years for public cloud computing to become mainstream: cloud services are now at the center of the mobile-led consumer lifestyle and many enterprise CIO’s IT strategies. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that cloud is having a disruptive effect across the global corporate IT landscape and that CIOs are no longer […]

BYOD Advice for CIOs

Mobile devices can provide corporate IT departments with a hornet’s nest of security (and support) issues – no matter whether it’s corporate devices or the use of employee personal devices in the workplace. It’s a two-part security issue, with a certain degree of overlap. To ignore it, and to focus purely on corporate mobile devices, […]

The Dangers of IoT and How to Reduce the Risks

The Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes called the Internet of Everything (IoE), is already here. It’s not something we can “deal with in the future.” Instead, corporate IT departments need to focus on the IoT now – addressing both the IT management and security implications, as IoT devices are a different breed of device to […]

Debunking the Top Cloud Security Myths

Few would deny that the number of cyber-attacks – whether made public or not – is growing. Today, there are more data breaches reported in the mainstream media, not just the IT media. Cloud security, and IT security in general, are thus high on the corporate IT to-do lists for most CIOs and their teams. […]

Mobile Security and 3 Ways IT Departments Can Make BYOD Safer

Whether it’s the use of corporate or personal mobile devices in the workplace, and whether there’s a corporate bring your own device (BYOD) policy or not – mobile devices bring a hornet’s nest of security issues for IT departments to consider and address. It is a two-part security issue, with a certain degree of overlap […]

How the IoT Will Impact IT Departments

The Internet of Things (IoT) – or the Internet of Everything (IoE) – has been the subject of industry analyst, and tech-media, excitement for just about forever. We’ve been bombarded with reports and articles about how the IoT will dramatically change corporate IT, and IT departments, for what seems like years. However, in 2015, it […]

What IT Transformation Really Means and How to Make it Happen

Word on the street is that IT must “transform”, but the vagueness of this statement can make it sound like loaded business speak. Telling IT departments they need to transform is no more helpful than telling a friend she needs to “change” the way she’s living. It begs for a more practical explanation, and my […]