Automated Systems Only: Why CISOs Should Switch Off Their Dumb Machines

Cyber security is supposed to reduce risk and be cost effective at the same time. It’s supposed to take the burden of legwork away from the CISO and his or her team. It’s supposed to reduce the financial and reputational risk posed by malicious actors in an efficient, intelligent manner. What it’s not supposed to […]

Infonomics: The Financial Case For Automated Security

What is the value of the data you hold, and how does that justify your security spend? It’s a question that’s increasingly rising to the top of the CIO’s list – not to mention the CISO. As the CISO increasingly moves towards the boardroom, they need to be able to justify their spend to the […]

GDPR – What Went Wrong?

A year ago, it seemed as if you couldn’t open a newspaper or business magazine without encountering the dread letters GDPR. So you’d expect businesses to have heeded the warnings, and implemented the systems and technologies they needed to avoid the swingeing fines applicable under the new regulations. Not a bit of it. In fact, […]

Three Practical Steps To Improving Your Company’s AI Cybersecurity Skills

Much like the rest of the business world, cybersecurity teams are increasingly hearing how AI will revolutionise the way they work – usually for the better. And it’s no longer just hype – recent research from LinkedIn showed that machine learning jobs are on the rise, with over six times as many roles available now as compared with a year ago. AI […]