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Experts React: On JBS Foods Hack Must Prompt Supply Chain Cyber Protection
June 02 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
The attack on JBS is yet another example of the surging threat posed by ransomware, and a stark remi...
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Chinese Government Hackers Compromise Dozens of U.S. Government Agencies - Expert Statement
April 22 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
This is another very worrying attack focused on a zero-day vulnerability with no patch. That means t...
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Why To Codecov Breach? Experts Weigh In
April 20 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
The Codecov breach, much like the Solarwinds incident, did not come out of the blue and should not b...
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Cybersecurity Expert Insight: SITA Data Breach
March 10 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
News of a major breach involving passenger data is the latest in a series of disappointing security...
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Hacker Breached Florida Treatment Plant To Poison The Water Supply
February 09 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
The attack against Oldsmar\'s water supply is precisely the kind of assault on critical national inf...
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Intel Latest Hack - Industry Comment
January 25 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
This incident is a stark reminder of the impact a cyber-attack can have on a business. Intel should...
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Cyber Criminals Publish More Than 4,000 Stolen Sepa Files
January 25 , 2021 by Stuart Reed
Great credit should be given to Sepa who followed the \'gold standard\', set by Norsk Hydro in 2019,...
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US Treasury Cyber Attack
December 14 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The growing list of significant breaches underlines the fact that cybercrime knows no boundaries and...
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Cyber Security Predictions 2021: Experts' Responses
December 09 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
There is no question that COVID-19 has had far reaching and long-lasting impacts on the way people d...
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Experts On Manchester United Hit By 'Sophisticated' Cyber Attack
November 23 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
Large sports organisations are a prime target for cyber criminals. Earlier this year the National Cy...
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Experts Reacted On News: British Airways Fined £20m For Data Breach
October 19 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
While the size of the fine may be smaller than many people expected, the impact on the airline in te...
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Cybersecurity Experts Reacted On Hackney Council Cyber Attack
October 13 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
At a time when local councils are spending much of their time focused on issues relating to COVID-19...
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The Marriott Subject To Lawsuit After Data Breach - Industry Comment
August 19 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The news of an impending lawsuit against The Marriott is the latest in a series of blow suffered by...
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Experts comments on Ritz hotel targeted by scammers
August 17 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
Yet again, another well-known brand is at the heart of a cyber attack involving customer data. It ap...
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Twitter confirms spear-phishing attack on employees
July 31 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
As suspected, this breach resulted from social engineering – hackers preying on human vulnerabilit...
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Experts On Russian Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Research
July 17 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
Throughout the pandemic we have continued to see strong demand for our services from businesses, who...
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Experts Insight On Major US Twitter Accounts Hacked in Bitcoin Scam
July 16 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The biggest and most technically adept companies in the world continue to become victims of these ty...
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Industry Leaders And Cybersecurity Experts Insight On Marriott International Data Breach
April 01 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
News today that Marriott has been hit again by a security breach raises the question of what should...
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Tech Giant GE Discloses Data Breach - Experts Reaction
March 27 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The General Electric data breach demonstrates that even if your organisation has good cybersecurity...
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North Carolina City And County Shut Down After Ryuk Ransomware Attack - Expert Commentary
March 11 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The Ryuk ransomware has struck again but this time its victim has learned from the mistakes of the p...
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Experts Insight On News: Virgin Media Data Breach Affects 900,000 People
March 06 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
Despite repeated high profile cases of companies failing to secure their servers properly this is cl...
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Experts Insight On Ransomware Attack Forces U.S. Gas Pipeline To Shut Down
February 20 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
A natural gas pipeline having to shut down for two days from a spear-phishing attack is yet another...
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Expert Reaction On Estee Lauder Data Exposure
February 14 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The latest Estée Lauder breach highlights an issue that is often overlooked when a breach occurs: t...
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Security Experts Analysis Of FBI Crime Report
February 13 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
Data from the internet crime complaint centre revealing that criminals netted $3.5bn from crimes rep...
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Major Flaw In Windows 10 Discovered By The NSA - Experts Reactions
January 15 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The existence of this vulnerability serves as a reminder of just how important it is to have process...
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Response Comment: Travelex Foreign Currency Website STILL Down After 4 Days Following Cyber Attack
January 08 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
The ongoing attack against Travelex is arguably the worst case scenario for how crippling ransomware...
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Comment: Ransomware Attack Takes US Maritime Base Offline
January 03 , 2020 by Stuart Reed
Ransomware was one of the most disruptive forms of cyber attack in 2019 and it seems that this will...
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267M Facebook User IDs, Phone Numbers And Names Exposed Online - Expert Commentary
December 23 , 2019 by Stuart Reed
The 267 million Facebook users who had their names and personal phone numbers exposed to potential h...
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1 Billion Email And Password Combinations Leaked - Expert Comment
December 13 , 2019 by Stuart Reed
While the news of another unsecured server is concerning, the immediate worry here is how many passw...
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UK General Election Security Angle - Expert Comments
December 09 , 2019 by Stuart Reed
With both US and UK elections on the horizon, cyber threats have never been so significant. Unlike w...
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