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Comment: Education Sector to See a Rise in Ransomware
June 08 , 2021 by Stuart Sharp
Academic institutions have been a prime target for cybercriminals, throughout the pandemic, with ran...
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Security Expert Reaction On U.S CBP Uses Facial Recognition To Verify Travelers
February 15 , 2021 by Stuart Sharp
We should not assume that the CBP facial recognition tools have failed simply by a lack of imposter...
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Expert Reacted On Manchester To Explore Biometrics For Transport, Education And Health Services
December 18 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
All too often, biometrics are seen as the panacea for solving the difficult task of accurately and s...
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Face Verification And Multi-user SMS 2FA Options Added To SingPass - Expert Reaction
December 17 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
GovTech can be applauded for recognising that once size does not fit all when it comes to security,...
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Experts Reacted On Lazarus Malware Strikes South Korean Supply Chains
November 17 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
What has transpired here highlights how cybersecurity does not operate within a vacuum. Maintaining...
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Comment: Vulnerability allows hackers full access to Instagram accounts
September 24 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
This vulnerability shows just how vulnerable our online accounts are. By allowing remote access to a...
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NCSC warns of ransomware attacks against UK universities - experts reaction
September 18 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
The education sector is no different from any other industry, COVID-19 has accelerated its digital t...
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Comment: Upgraded Agent Tesla malware steals passwords from browsers, VPNs
August 12 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
Any malware with the capability of stealing passwords is very concerning given that they are traditi...
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Email.it Data Breach Exposes 600,000 Users - Expert Commentary
April 08 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
This is of course a significant worry for users of Email.it, and for the company itself whose brand...
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Experts Insight On News: Virgin Media Data Breach Affects 900,000 People
March 06 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
We are still seeing service providers failing to follow fundamental best practices to secure their c...
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Philips Smart Lights Vulnerability Allows Hopping To Devices On The Network - Experts Advise
February 07 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
This latest IoT vulnerability highlights the critical need for robust security standards for IoT. Go...
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Social Captain Instagram Account Exposed And Experts Reactions
February 03 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
It is disappointing that in 2020 we are still seeing service providers failing to follow even the mo...
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Experts Analysis Of Wawa Breach Potentially Compromised 30 Million+ Payment Cards
January 30 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
The recent focus by cybercrime groups on fuel dispenser merchants in the US highlights the fact that...
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Experts On Gedia Automotive Group Hit By Massive Cyber Attack That Shuts Down IT Operations
January 28 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
As phishing attacks become increasingly common, and increasingly sophisticated — often tailored to...
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What Experts Say On New UK IoT Legislation
January 28 , 2020 by Stuart Sharp
While the government\'s announcement of new security requirements for vendors of IoT devices are a w...
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1,500 Ring Passwords Found On The Dark Web - Expert Reaction
December 20 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
This latest IoT vulnerability highlights the urgent need for a new set of security standards and pro...
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CEO Comments On 44 Million Microsoft Users Reused Passwords In Q1 2019
December 09 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
Password reuse is a massive problem and this scan only highlights the severity of the situation. Whe...
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Comment: Fake Steam Site Steals Login Credentials
December 03 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
Password stealing malware and phishing attacks are a challenge for enterprises and consumers alike....
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Comment: Notorious Iranian Hacking Crew Is Targeting Industrial Control Systems
November 23 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
MFA is always the first line of defence against automated password attacks. This should be combined...
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Office 365 Phishing Campaign Targets Admin Credentials
November 18 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
While a creative campaign, this type of attack is nothing new. Organisations are able to protect aga...
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Expert Advise On IoT In Wake Of Recent Ring Doorbells Expose
November 08 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
This latest IoT vulnerability highlights the urgent need for a new set of security standards and pro...
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21 Million Logins For Top 500 Firms Offered On The Dark Web
October 31 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
The scariest takeaway from this discovery is that many companies will never know their cloud service...
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COMMENT: Equifax Used Default 'Admin' User Name And Password To Secure Hacked Portal
October 22 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
The Equifax breach is one of the worst we’ve seen in the past few years and it once again highligh...
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EA Giving Away Free Month To Users Who Enable 2FA
October 07 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
EA is to be commended for encouraging the use of MFA to access its services. Whilst MFA adds some fr...
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Ex-Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts To Steal Pornography
October 02 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
The fact that Ruiz used the ‘cracked’ Yahoo passwords to gain access to users’ accounts on mul...
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Security Is Making Remote Working Too Difficult
September 16 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
At the moment, we’re heavily reliant on on-premises networks and desktop technologies. However, as...
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SharePoint Sites Hacked To Bypass Secure Email Gateways
September 04 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
These attacks are just another example of the creativity of malicious actors. Attackers know that a...
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Personal Data Of Hundreds Of Visa Applicants Accidentally Leaked In Email
August 16 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
While on the surface it appears that breaches like these are easily avoidable, the fact is that huma...
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Instagram's Lax Privacy Practices Let A Trusted Partner Track Millions Of Users' Physical Locations
August 09 , 2019 by Stuart Sharp
Whilst a new attack vector is an interesting warning to all organisations - and an illustration of t...