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Experts On U.S. Sanctions Russian Research Institution Linked To Cyberattacks On Chemical Plant Safety Systems
October 26 , 2020 by Suzanne Spaulding
The sanctions are an important step in signaling how seriously we take any malicious cyber activity...
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Microsoft take-down of Trickbot ransomware bot, Security Experts Reacted inline with Election Security
October 14 , 2020 by Suzanne Spaulding
The Microsoft take-down is an example of exactly the kind of whole-of-nation, even whole-of world, a...
Expert Commentary
Expert Comments On Top Counterintelligence Official Challenges Private Sector To Step Up Defences Against Foreign Spying
February 13 , 2020 by Suzanne Spaulding
The U.S. government’s top counterintelligence official has challenged the private sector to step u...