As co-founder and CEO of TDM Group – a global Managed Business IT Service provider – Tarek is passionate about helping companies recognise technology’s potential to drive their business forward by looking beyond the IT department.

Over a period spanning three decades, Tarek has gathered a wealth of technical experience and developed a strong business acumen working with partners of all sizes within the IT industry. This diverse skill set has enabled him to establish a unique strategy for achieving innovation and success, called M-BiTS: Managed Business IT Service – a holistic approach to managing IT and implementing innovative change that’s shifting the model towards a more business-focused mindset, by considering the impact technology has on the entire organisation.

His personal experience of working within the sector and growing TDM Group as a business, has led to a firm belief that people are an organisation’s most important asset. M-BiTS considers the interactions of people with the other key elements of successful innovation: data, process, technology. This business-focused mindset recognises that each element is underpinned by people, and a good relationship must be maintained between them to harness the power of technology to act as a business enabler.

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