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CA's public health dept failed to renew server cert required to transfer COVID case-related data to Quest labs - expert source
August 14 , 2020 by Ted Shorter
SSL/TLS connections are a client/server protocol and can have two types of certificates; all of them...
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Experts Reaction On Millions Of Websites Face 'Insecure' Warnings
March 05 , 2020 by Ted Shorter
Everyone makes mistakes. It’s commendable for Let\'s Encrypt to be proactive and revoke so many ce...
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Experts Reaction On Microsoft Teams Suffers Major Worldwide Outage Due To Expire Certificate
February 05 , 2020 by Ted Shorter
It’s not the certificates you know about that will cause your next outage – it’s the ones you...
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NordVPN Breach: How Bug Bounty Programs Can Help And Resolve
October 23 , 2019 by Ted Shorter
Hackers gained access to the system at NordVPN that contained this, and at least one other sensitive...