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VP of Product Management and Strategy

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Comment: Linkedin Becomes The Most Impersonated Brand For Phishing Attacks
April 21 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then LinkedIn should be very flattered. The increase...
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Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Warns Of Blockchain Hackers Targeting Developers And DevOps teams
April 20 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
This campaign combines multiple popular trends into an attack. The alert from CISA describes a spear...
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Microsoft Announces Windows Autopatch, Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In
April 12 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
Keeping software up-to-date is one of the most effective preventative measures that an organization...
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Brokenwire Hack Could Let Remote Attackers Disrupt Charging For Electric Vehicles
April 07 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
While this attack clearly isn’t being deployed at scale today, this type of research is invaluable...
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Security Experts On PCI DSS 4.0 Released
April 01 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
The PCI DSS is a standard with tenure in the industry, with the first version being introduced in 20...
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Over 100,000 Medical Infusion Pumps Vulnerable To Years Old Critical Bug
March 04 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
Many connected medical devices simply aren’t designed to be updated once deployed, which makes pat...
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Lawmakers Urge IRS to Halt Plan To Use Facial Recognition Technology - Cyber Experts Comment
February 08 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
Facial recognition technology is polarizing in general, and for many the concept of the government t...
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News Corp Journalists Emails Hacked, China Blamed
February 07 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
It’s time to remind ourselves that there is always more information to be discovered after the ini...
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Cyber Hacking Soars During Home Working, Research Suggests
February 01 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
It should be no surprise that the massive, global shift to working from home has changed the cyberse...
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FL Broward Health 1.3M Patient Data Breach
January 05 , 2022 by Tim Erlin
This incident is a good reminder that the effectiveness of your organization’s cybersecurity exten...
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FBI System Hacked To Email Warning Fake Cyberattacks
November 16 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
It’s unfortunate that a simple modification of the traffic between a user and this web application...
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Expert Reacted On ‘Trojan Source’ Bug Threatens The Security Of All Code
November 02 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
This is a difficult vulnerability for the average person to understand. Not only is it buried in sev...
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Sinclair TV Confirms Cyber Attack – Expert Comments
October 19 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
No one wants to be the victim of a ransomware attack. Being prepared involves more than having backu...
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United Nations’ Computers Breached by Hackers
September 12 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
Stolen credentials continue to be a significant problem and a primary means of gaining initial acces...
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Expert Comment: Howard University Cancels Classes After The Ransomware Attack
September 08 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
Taking systems offline doesn’t always mean that those specific systems have been affected by ranso...
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Biden Says Cybersecurity Is The ‘Core National Security Challenge’ At CEO Summit, Experts Reacted
August 27 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
This kind of high-profile meeting is the tip of the iceberg for a larger effort to change the cybers...
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Experts Insight On US Pipeline Shut After Cyberattack
May 11 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
One thing to note here is that ransomware has to announce itself to be successful. In industrial env...
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Expert Insight On Latest Chinese Hackers Exploiting SolarWinds Bug
February 04 , 2021 by Tim Erlin
This attack seems to be an example of more traditional vulnerability exploitation. The attackers di...
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Brazilian Aerospace And Defence Group Embraer's Systems Affected By Cyberattack
December 04 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
Every organization should be prepared to respond to ransomware, including the potential operational...
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Security Experts On Instagram bug lets hackers ‘snoop on you through your phone’ by sending a single image file
September 26 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
We might think of social media apps as frivolous, but the more these apps are integrated into busine...
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Expert Reacted On Patient Dies After Hackers Attack Hospital In Germany
September 18 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
When cyberattacks impact critical systems, there can be real-world consequences. We’re not used to...
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Expert On News That Welsh Coronavirus Patient Details Leaked Online
September 16 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
Health information is certainly sensitive and needs to be protected. Unfortunately, technical contro...
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Industry Experts On Verizon DBiR 2020
May 19 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
We often think of ransomware as a breach, but the DBIR categorizes most ransomware activity as an in...
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Hacked Law Firm Informs Celeb Clients Including Lady Gaga And Madonna Of Data Breach - Experts Insight
May 13 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
The overwhelming tendency is to focus on the ransomware itself in these types of cases, but ransomwa...
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Cybersecurity Must Not Be Forgotten With State-sponsored Attacks Rising Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Experts Warn
May 08 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
Pandemic or not, cyberattacks continue. It’s vitally important that these organizations have a go...
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Expert Insight On News: SBA Website Leaks Personal Data Of 8,000 Small-Business Loan Applicants
April 22 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
Initial disclosures of these kinds of breaches are often filled with qualifiers like “may” and ...
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TikTok Flaw Allows Threat Actors To Plant Forged Videos In User Feeds
April 16 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
This type of attack represents a different kind of privilege escalation. Masquerading as an authorit...
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‘Secure’ Backup Company Leaks 135 Million Records Online After Misconfiguration - Experts Insight
April 02 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
A misconfiguration can be like doing the attacker’s work for them. No one has to break in, if the...
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Comment: 5 Billion Records Exposed In Open ‘Data Breach Database’
March 23 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
There is a certain irony is an exposed database of previously compromised data. The fact that this...
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Clearview AI's Entire Client List Stolen In Data Breach - Experts Reaction
February 28 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
This notification provides very little actionable information for anyone involved or just trying to...
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Rallyhood Exposed A Decade Of Users’ Private Data - Expert's Comment
February 26 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
Leaving an AWS S3 storage bucket open to the public is essentially the same as leaving a database op...
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Report Shows Personal Info On 144K Canadians Breached By Federal Entities: Expert Comments
February 18 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
While massive breaches involving hundreds of millions of records grab headlines, it’s incredibly i...
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Expert Reaction On Estee Lauder Data Exposure
February 13 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
Breaches due to an undetected misconfiguration seem to be increasing in prevalence, usually tied to...
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EXPERT COMMENTS: Iranian Hackers Have Been 'Password-Spraying' US Electric Utilities
January 10 , 2020 by Tim Erlin
The headline here is the malware itself, but it’s important to remember that the point of entry wa...
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Security Experts On Critical Security Flaw Puts Millions Of Children Smartwatches At Risk
December 21 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
It’s very hard for consumers to make an informed choice about a product based on how it protects s...
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Comments On Online Retailer Leaks Data On 1.6 Billion Shoppers
December 19 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
Not all breaches are the result of a malicious actor. A misconfiguration can be just as impactful as...
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Experts Reaction On 1.2 Billion Records Were Found Online On An Exposed, Unsecure Single Server
November 25 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
We often worry about the exposure of sensitive data, but in this connected world, it’s the connect...
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Expert On NCR Barred Mint, QuickBooks From Banking Platform During Account Takeover Storm
November 05 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
The complexity of the interconnected financial services industry is difficult for the average consum...
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Experts Reaction On UK Job App Exposes Thousands Of CVs Online
October 17 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
This is yet another instance of misconfigured AWS storage buckets. These misconfigurations are at th...
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Experts Reaction On Malware That Spits Cash Out Of ATMs Has Spread Across The World
October 16 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
We like to think of cybersecurity as being limited to software, but the physical security of devices...
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Experts Comments On Hackers Steal Card Details From Thousands Of Volusion Sites
October 09 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
Thousands of organizations have offloaded the work and the risk for processing eCommerce transaction...
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Experts Dots On U.S. Steps Up Scrutiny Of Airplane Cybersecurity
October 02 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
It’s important to understand that aviation cybersecurity isn’t just about the planes themselves....
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Experts Comments: Personal Records Of Most Of Ecuador's Population Leaked
September 16 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
The highest profile data breaches in the last couple of years have been from misconfigured cloud sto...
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Fraudsters Exploit New Online Security Checks With Phishing Attacks
September 04 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
As long as banks send legitimate emails as a means of communicating with customers, scammers will at...
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Experts Dots On Breach Losses To Top $5 Trillion By 2024
August 29 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
The EU General Data Protection Regulation is one major contributor to these projected increases. Reg...
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U.S. Officials Fear Ransomware Attack Against 2020 Election
August 28 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
It’s unfortunate that the focus on protecting US elections is so narrow, but it’s good to see so...
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UK Cybersecurity Agency Warns Devs To Drop Python 2 Due To Looming EOL & Security Risks
August 26 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
The effort to get developers to migrate to Python 3 has been underway for years, but Python 2 is dee...
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MoviePass Exposes 161M Records
August 23 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
As consumers, we expect organizations to do the basics to protect our data. Unfortunately, when they...
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Over 80 Percent Of Organisations Find Securing The Cloud “Difficult”
August 23 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
While cloud providers may take responsibility for securing their infrastructure, moving to the cloud...
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Lancaster University Phishing Attack
July 29 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
\"Employee education is the first line of defense against phishing, but even trained security profes...
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Android Malware Can Take Photos And Videos And Spy On Your App History
July 27 , 2019 by Tim Erlin
“Mobile malware isn’t new, but Monokle raises the bar with some new techniques for accessing and...