Manager of security R&D


Manager of security R&D

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Microsoft Announces Windows Autopatch, Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In
April 12 , 2022 by Tyler Reguly
Microsoft has provided automatic updates for a long time. In my view there isn’t much here, other...
Expert Commentary
Hackers Using Oscar Nominated Movies As Bait To Phish And Spread Malware
February 07 , 2020 by Tyler Reguly
Since I work in cybersecurity and spend my free time reviewing pre-release movies, I think I have a...
Expert Commentary
2020 Cybersecurity Landscape: 100+ Experts' Predictions
January 01 , 2020 by Tyler Reguly
Whether or not it will be is a different question, but 2020 NEEDS to be all about the consumer when...