Aviva And SunTrust Outages – The List Is Growing Long…”

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 24, 2018 04:30 am PST

Aviva and SunTrust are the latest disaster stories in a string of replatfroming gone wrong. Both the firms tried to upgrade, but their legacy systems betrayed them and it disrupted their services, which further inconvenienced customers. While upgrading to technologically new and sound systems has become more like a necessity for organizations, rushing into the upgrade without complete knowledge of the software system can be the recipe for disaster. Eg. TSB.

How can organisation replatform and upgrade their software safely, without alienating customers, and efficiently? How can businesses avoid the pitfall that is costing TSB, Aviva, SunTrust and many others the trust of of their customers?

CAST, the software intelligence company, is helping financial services organizations such as Fannie Mae, Telefonica, Credit Suisse and ING have reliable and resilient software. They ensure businesses can outsource software, that systems interact well following a merger or an acquisition. CAST experts specialize in helping companies replatform safely and efficiently.

Lev Lesokhin, EVP of Strategy and Analytics at CAST:

“Carrying the burden of legacy technology, established brands often struggle to upgrade their software and to replatform without disrupting service. Aviva and SunTrust are the latest casualties in a long, ever-growing list. These incidents highlight the need for a deeper understanding of software structure and how these mission-critical applications are designed to help brands avoid complexity as they upgrade from old legacy systems to modern, digital platforms.

At CAST, we call this Software Intelligence  – the kind of understanding that enables enterprises to upgrade their systems swiftly, safely and without disruption to customer service. Upgrading in the dark, without a solid understanding of what their software architecture looks like, will continue to bring issues in software quality, security and robustness to the forefront of modernization efforts.

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