The Best Cloud Knowledge Management Software For Keeping Information Secure

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More and more businesses nowadays are starting to use different knowledge base solutions for various purposes. A knowledge base can greatly benefit every business, as it offers a number of advantages that can improve the workflow within any organization and increase the chances for success.

How can a knowledge base actually benefit a business? A knowledge base is based on the cloud computing model that stores data on remote servers, which are accessed over the internet, that is, the so-called cloud. You can store data inside the cloud and access it anytime and from anywhere, which is exactly what makes cloud computing so popular nowadays.

When you have a knowledge base where you can store all of your documents and make them accessible to every employee, you can enhance productivity and efficiency levels within your company, save a lot of money and improve collaboration among your employees. When all of your files are easily accessed in an instant, every single task can be completed quickly and efficiently, thus helping you improve your overall business.

If you create a knowledge base that consists of a large and complex database, you would need a knowledge base management system to help you manage knowledge and sort through everything quickly and easily. There are a lot of different types of knowledge management software that you can install and enable your business organization to store, manage and share information more efficiently.

However, since data is stored inside an online knowledge base, it raises the question of security among both home users and businesses. Is the information you store in the cloud secure? How do you know if it is protected against data breaches? What if your customers’ personal information gets stolen?

These questions are a big deal in the cloud computing world and they represent the main reasons why many business owners still stick to their physical servers. However, they fail to understand that online security has improved a lot and that knowledge base companies offer excellent protection for each and every file inside their clouds.

Here is a list of the top knowledge management software products that you can choose from in order to keep the information inside your knowledge base secure at all times.


AnswerHub is a knowledge management software based on a Q&A foundation. This software is used by business organizations of all sizes and, according to the online reviews of this company, it is among the most popular knowledge management software products.

AnswerHub offers a number of great features that help with capturing and sharing knowledge and can help you create and manage an online knowledge-based community. If you are looking for ideation, collaboration, easy-to-use knowledge base and a responsive customer support available 24/7, among many other features, this knowledge management software is the right one for you. It also offers hosting options, SSO, API access and much more, and its price depends on your scalable community size, but you can always get a free trial to find out if it is the right software for you.

Some of the most successful companies around the world, including eBay, LinkedIn, GE, Thomson Reuters, IBM and Pixar, are using this particular software for customer support, collaboration, social learning and creating interactive Q&A communities.

When it comes to security, this knowledge management software does not offer data backup in multiple locations nor does it offer multi-factor authentication options. However, it keeps information very secure by encrypting data when it is not being used at all, as well as by encrypting your personal information while logging in. It uses HTTPS for all pages and using HTTPS at the beginning of URLs refers to using a security protocol that protects all the data on the page.


Intelligence2day is an excellent SaaS solution for knowledge management, as it saves a lot of time and money and provides users with some great benefits. This is the award-winning software for Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence by the software company Comintelli.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two versions of this software, namely, the Enterprise version and the Professional version. The first one is excellent for grand business organizations, while the latter is more suitable for smaller teams.

This software is offered either as an in-house instalment or a hosted service solution. It offers benefits such as scalability, interoperability, content neutrality and an instant access and distribution of both your internal and external information.

When it comes to the question of security, securing your data is the top priority of this software. You can access your account through secure encrypted connection (HTTPS) and your personal information is encrypted as well while logging in. The software has a firewall protection against any potential third parties and an automatic Intrusion Surveillance system for monitoring known patterns in order to protect against anyone trying to hack into the software system.

The starting price for this software is $80 per month and the Professional version has the price of $69 per user per month.

ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base is knowledge management software used for creating FAQ pages and wikis in order to improve customer service. It is also excellent for creating quizzes and offers a number of training solutions, including corporate training, employee training, eLearning software, learning management and many more solutions, which can be of enormous help to a lot of business organizations and educational institutions.

This knowledge management software enables you to centralize your files for quick and easy access across multiple devices and platforms. Any information stored in the cloud can be accessed in an instant, which can greatly improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration within any business organization, as well as improve customer service and employee training.

Apart from offering outstanding customer support, this knowledge management software offers unsurpassable security. The ProProfs’ servers are hosted in a secure location and the software, as well as the entire infrastructure, is updated on a regular basis with the latest security patches. The uptime is without a fault and, apart from an excellent firewall for protection against hackers, ProProfs plans include remote data backup for keeping all of your information secure.

The price for the Business version of this knowledge management software is $137 per month (annually), while the price for the Enterprise version is $155 per month (annually). There is a free version for small knowledge bases, as well, and it remains free forever. ProProfs Knowledge Base also offers a free trial, so that you can try out the software before deciding whether or not it is the right one for you.

If the question of data security was the only reason keeping you from finally exploring the world of knowledge bases, hopefully, you have changed your mind by now. The sooner you go to the cloud, the sooner you will experience the amazing benefits it can provide you with. Therefore, try one out as soon as possible, but not without the proper knowledge management software to help you store and share all of your information and, more importantly, keep it secure.

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