Bring-Your-Own-Encryption (BYOE) Allows Full Confidence and Control Over Sensitive Data and Security

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 08, 2015 05:15 pm PST

Bring-Your-Own-Encryption (BYOE)Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) Lets Users Define, Inject Personalized Software Encryption Enabling Fully Secured Containment of Their Data Even When the Cloud Is Hacked.

Secure Channels Inc., the Technology Innovators™, today announced Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE), which allows users to individualize and “personalize” data to prevent back door access and data mining by any non-legal third party. BYOE enables the customer to control and own encryption keys which personalizes their data with orders of magnitude more secure than all known commercial encryption methods leaving them free from relying on highly targeted and vulnerable 3rdparty providers.

BYOE fills crucial security gaps for any data-driven organization because it renders any ‘hacked’ data useless and completely unreadable by any non-authorized third party, regardless of data type or status (in storage, in transition or in active use). This continuous and comprehensive protection is particularly helpful for organizations leveraging cloud storage, as conventional commercial network security solutions do not transfer easily or effectively to the cloud. In surveys throughout the last two years, CIOs consistently cite the security of public cloud-stored data as a major and compelling concern that directly impacts organizational strategies and IT investments.

With BYOE, Secure Channels Inc. allows the consumer and enterprise to choose their cyber security protection based on personal and business needs. Secure Channels Inc. has multiple options to protect data at its core:

  • ParaDoxBox™ — Deeply Encrypted Drives, Computers, Devices, Cloud and Digital Assets with multiple user defined security attributes.
  • Stratuslock™ — Cloud Security for Amazon, Azure.
  • ArmoredTunnel™ — File security and collaboration, encrypted email.
  • SUBROSA™ — Multi-Factor complex crypto key generator, protects mobile devices, computers, databases and encryption/decryption keys.
  • Full Point Pay™ — eCommerce, POS and Mobile payment protection.
  • Vipershield™ — Protect critical assets in databases.

BYOE leverages Secure Channels’ patented award-winning SUBROSA™ architecture and the Pattern Key Multi Segment, Multi Standard (PKMS2) agnostic user defined encryption process. SUBROSA is Secure Channels’ Simple User-Based Resource Oriented Segmentation Architecture, which effectively shifts trust in the protection of data to the individual organization, eliminating sole reliance on 3rd parties. PKMS2 breaks a document into segments and encrypts each segment individually. The protocol/password used per segment is based on a pattern key and can be as simple or as complex as necessary. This pattern is user-derived and thus can be as unique as the user wants. The segments encrypted with passwords have the length embedded in the resource. Together, these advanced technologies prevent data from appearing as text or any cohesive recognizable content, leaving the encrypted data impenetrable during a breach.

“BYOE ensures that in the event of an organizational or third party cloud data breach, the customer’s data is indecipherable, and malicious players will collect only unreadable, useless bits and bytes,” said Richard Blech, Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Channels. “BYOE security creates a solution for user customization, allowing peace of mind with full control of protection against the proliferation of cyber-attacks on public clouds and corporate environments.”

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