CASB Leadership with most Advanced Feature Set for Cloud App Data Loss Prevention

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Cloud App Data Loss PreventionNetskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 now utilises data fingerprinting, Exact Match, and enhanced workflows to further reduce false positives and policy creation time

Netskope, the leading cloud access security broker, announced Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0, a next generation data loss prevention (DLP) solution for finding sensitive content in transit or at rest within cloud apps. Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 includes a set of cloud industry-first features to further reduce false positives and the time required for IT and security professionals to create the sensitive data policies necessary to mitigate potential security risks and reduce regulatory exposure for enterprises.

With increasing amounts of business data migrating to and being created in the cloud, identifying and protecting sensitive data is a challenge for many organisations. Traditional content inspection techniques have a reputation for introducing too many false positives or false negatives. While Netskope Active Cloud DLP already supports more than 3,000 data identifiers and 500 file types, keyword search, pattern matching, proximity analysis, and international support including double-byte characters to increase accuracy, Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 raises the bar to ensure organisations have the most accurate information at their fingertips to effectively safeguard sensitive data.

“The proliferation of cloud apps has led to an exponential rise in the volume of sensitive business data stored in and shared across cloud environments. Until very recently, this has been a problem left largely untouched by traditional security vendors,” said Krishna Narayanaswamy, co-founder and chief scientist, Netskope. “Our aim with Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 has always been to provide the most advanced solution, whether stand-alone or integrated with existing on-premises solutions. This next generation of our Cloud DLP solution takes us farther down that road and customer reception so far has been tremendous.

Integrated with the Netskope Active Platform, Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 enables IT to incorporate cloud app and usage details such as the app, its enterprise-readiness score per the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™, the user or group, type of data being shared, location, device, browser, and user activity (e.g., upload, download, or view) into policies, which helps IT precisely identify cloud app usage patterns to protect data in a targeted way. This also aids IT in quickly identifying cloud app policy violations and trends in real-time, which further increases the accuracy of sensitive data detection and protection.

Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 includes a set of industry-first features for cloud content :

  • Fingerprinting: By scanning data repositories, Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 allows organisations to catalog and create unique markers for sensitive files without defining complex rules with regular expressions. This enables efficient discovery of DLP violations in either whole files or trace amounts of sensitive data in transit or at rest in the cloud. Coupled with Netskope’s ability to target DLP violations to specific content or metadata or a combination of both, this increases the precision of results and requires less time when it comes to creating sensitive data policies.
  • Exact Match: The Exact Match capability of Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 allows users to augment policies already in place by providing an extra layer of protection. Exact Match minimises misclassification by performing an extra pass of inspection for sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) against customer specific sensitive data (.e.g., a database of employee social security numbers). This automated feature provides organisations a very precise match based on all data residing in the organisation and protects against false positives.
  • Enhanced workflows: Netskope Active Cloud DLP 2.0 enables critical workflows that simplify DLP policy creation for administrators, complete incident response processes such as funneling suspected policy violations to on-premises DLP solutions via secure Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP), and use Netskope’s REST API to pull events into tools like security information and event management (SIEM) platforms. These workflows reinforce the Netskope Cloud DLP Reference Architecture, practiced by Netskope’s most cloud-forward customers and partners.

About Netskope

Netskope™ is the leading cloud access security broker (CASB). Only the Netskope Active PlatformTM provides discovery, deep visibility, and granular control of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. With Netskope, IT can direct usage, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, including native apps on mobile devices and whether on-premises or remote, and with the broadest range of deployment options in the market. With Netskope, businesses can move fast, with confidence. Serving a broad customer base including leading healthcare, financial services, high technology, and retail enterprises, Netskope has been named to CIO Magazine’s top 10 cloud security startups and featured in such business media as CBS News, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Netskope is headquartered in Los Altos, California.

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