CEO Comments On FBI Warnings On Election Infrastructure

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jan 20, 2020 03:28 am PST

In a change of policy, state elections officials will be notified by the FBI of possible cyber threats to election infrastructure.  Homeland Security has also provided election officials with best practices for securing election systems.

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Chris Olson
Chris Olson , CEO
January 20, 2020 11:30 am

The FBI and Homeland Security’s steps to provide not only best practices, but also a warning system will help state and local governments stay alert to possible cyber intrusions used to interfere with elections. This represents a critical need for state and local governments who are confined to inadequate budgets, don’t have the expertise available to continuously fight cyber attacks as well as wrestling with digital election systems that have not been designed with security and privacy as top priorities. This is a complex challenge that can only be addressed through the strategic collaboration of policymakers, security experts, digital media players, and consumers. Adversaries often focus their efforts on the largely unknown, too often unmonitored third-party code that sits in social networking platforms, websites, mobile apps, and more. This code can make the online experience rich, or, in the wrong hands, can enable identity theft, fraud and disinformation. If government IT teams keep track of what code is doing what in the digital ecosystem, they will be able to cut down on digital intrusions and election interference.

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