CEO Looks At Top IAM Security Trends For 2014

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jan 09, 2014 01:52 am PST

Nelson Cicchitto, CEO of Avatier has come up with 9 top IAM security trends for 2014.

1) Companies continue to experience less value and lowered information security than anticipated from outsourced IT operations.
Outsourcing relationships continue to be focused on IT operations, and as a result, they can negatively impact security, as outsourcers must make decisions based on cost savings vs. security.

2) Organizations that embrace efficiency look to experience better access control, governance and security at a lower cost.
Identity and access management (IAM) continues its transition from information technology to an overall business enablement tool.

3) The legacy of failed Identity Management implementations will finally be overcome.
Rather than thinking strategically with a full business view of one-time costs, ongoing costs and operational efficiencies, organizations look primarily at software licensing costs when making decisions.
4) An identity governance and administration focus will prove to be essential.
The days when IT operates in a silo are over as technology becomes embedded in all aspects of the business.

5) Security leaders continue to drain their time and efforts complaining about budgets and upper management support
Numerous technology improvements and best practices will keep security leaders scrambling to examine and execute ahead of corporate risk.

6) Small and medium size businesses will embrace Cloud Identity Management.
While IAM solutions are increasing their capabilities to manage cloud accounts, cloud providers are also creating APIs to allow for direct access management.

7) Although key compliance and best practice regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FIPS 200, and NIST 800-53 all require privileged access controls, whether executives take action, remains to be determined.
Granting access is one thing, but continually monitoring and attesting to who has this access becomes a critical activity.

8) The supply of qualified highly skilled labor will not keep up with demand as enterprises seek ways to automate IT operations to the fullest.
The right employees will need a new combination of skills so enterprises can expect to pay high salaries for the few that have them.

9) As hackers target credit card information, requests for an enterprise focus on PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) will come from the boardroom.
The Target security breach started on their store payment systems and spread to their enterprise systems.

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Nelson Cicchitto | Chairman and CEO of Avatier

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