CEO Reaction On New Cyber Legislation

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers has just introduced a new bill that would allow Americans to sue foreign governments and their employees for malicious cyber activity. The legislation was introduced as the federal government and global organizations continue to cope with the fallout of cybersecurity events. 

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Paul Martini
Paul Martini , CEO
InfoSec Expert
March 10, 2021 2:06 pm

<p>There\’s widespread agreement in the industry that preventing and mitigating attacks by sophisticated nation-state actors require collaboration between private sector tech companies and government leaders. This new bill could provide a useful tool to help hold foreign government-sponsored attackers accountable for their actions that put Americans at risk. The question, however, remains whether this will be effective or if attackers from foreign regimes will continue to act with impunity. That\’s why we also need to see significant government and private sector investment in technology to keep American entities secure by leveraging the advanced cloud security and zero trust policies.</p>

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