Cloudyn Solution Transforms Managed Service Providers Into Cloud Heroes

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jan 13, 2014 02:41 am PST

Though MSPs control roughly 15% of on-premise business IT, as more and more enterprises shift to the cloud and thereby lower legacy IT spend, MSPs must identify new ways to evolve their business in order to stay relevant.

Evolving means developing new domain expertise, leveraging economies of scale, and purchasing cloud capacity in bulk. If cloud is already a significant part of their managed portfolio, their goal should be to transform IT resource management into an ROI-driven business model.

At the forefront of this evolution is our new platform, Cloudyn MSP, which enables SIs (System Integrators) and Cloud Resellers to create a new revenue stream and increase profit margin by choosing the right mix of clouds, buy the exact capacity and retire or reassign cloud resources between clients.  This redefining of the MSP business model represents a true cloud game changer for SIs, Resellers and other cloud players as it allows them to remain relevant.

AWS and GCE (Google Compute Engine) enabled, the Cloudyn MSP platform offers an unprecedented level of granularity, enabling SIs and Resellers to focus on a single AWS and GCE customer or zoom out to analyze an entire managed portfolio. SIs and Resellers can easily match AWS vs. GCP accounts with relevant customers as well as define permission levels for users so access can be shared in a controlled manner. It also presents an opportunity to leverage multi-cloud management platforms in order to get clearer insights into a deployment, organize and provision workloads more quickly and intelligently.

At the moment, SIs and Resellers lack the crucial visibility into cloud deployments before they even begin to analyze any financial implication. That’s where Cloudyn steps in. Armed with our solution, SIs and Resellers can begin combining aggregated capacity purchasing and identifying reselling opportunities and leverage the cloud to increase profit margins dramatically. This will enable SIs and Resellers to transform into either full-service or self-serve cloud brokerages.

Sharon Wagner | Founder & CEO, Cloudyn

cloudynCloudyn’s set of power tools assists companies to optimize their cloud deployment. Organizations using Cloudyn have comprehensive insight and control over their cloud cost and usage. They also receive recommendations on how to perfect their cloud investments and improve utilization all while maintaining operational performance. By actively managing millions of cloud resources, Cloudyn delivers an average of 40% cloud-related cost reductions to organizations. Customers can literally wave goodbye to their monthly AWS ‘surprise’ bill.

The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and backed by Elron (TESA: ELRN), a member of IDB – Israel’s leading business group.