Comment: Australian uni breach

By   muhammad malik
Chief Editor , Information Security Buzz | Jun 05, 2019 04:10 am PST

Following news that an Australian university has been hacked, affecting sensitive data going back 19 years, please find below comment from SailPoint, the identity governance experts. The comment covers the importance of ensuring that sensitive data is governed by cybersecurity measures, regardless of the system in which it is kept – on premises or in the cloud.

Expert Comments:

Terry Burgess, Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan, SailPoint:

“Organisations today are still woefully exposed unless they have a truly comprehensive identity governance program in place that governs access to both applications and sensitive data. Organisations require clear oversight into the sensitive data they have under management— and who has access to that data. Having these controls and visibility in place will minimise the risk and impact of a data breach. By not having an all-encompassing approach to identity that covers all users and their access to all data, organisations are contributing to an open season for hackers.”

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