Comment From Cybersecurity Expert: The Dangers Of Dating Apps As Valentine’s Day Approaches

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jan 31, 2022 05:39 am PST

Information security exoerts commented below on the dangers of romance fraud as cybercriminals take advantage of loneliness on online dating apps in the build up to Valentine’s Day.

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Andrew Whaley
Andrew Whaley , Senior Technical Director
January 31, 2022 1:46 pm

<p>While dating apps can be a great way to meet new people, they’re unfortunately also a great platform for cybercriminals to undertake scams and even launch malware attacks aimed at stealing people’s sensitive data (such as login credentials or other personally identifiable information).</p>
<p>Bad actors may use techniques such as social engineering, which can involve sharing malicious links that direct the person to websites that look legitimate, such as a social media profile. This fake website then asks users to log in or enter some other form of sensitive data. The attacker then steals this information and uses it to gain access to other accounts. Under no circumstances should users ever click on any links shared within a dating app, even if you think you may know the person.</p>
<p>And although it may sound obvious, users should never send any information that they would not want to be publicly available online. This includes bank details; or any personally identifiable information, such as a passport or driving licence details.</p>
<p>Successful online daters should also consider deactivating accounts once they no longer require the app in order to reduce the risk associated with inactive accounts. These idle ‘zombie accounts’ are prime targets for bad actors who aim to gain access using passwords found in data dumps from breaches that the user’s other accounts might have been leaked in. Once inside the account, they have access to images, messages, location data, as well as credit card information in some cases.</p>
<p>Overall, those looking to use dating apps to help find love should always maintain a healthy dose of scepticism. Loneliness is bad, but the consequences of being careless with your data are far worse than being single on Valentine’s Day.</p>

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