Comments on 2 year Snowden anniversary

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Comments from Nathan Wenzler, Senior Technology Evangelist, Thycotic on 2 year Snowden anniversary

“Two years after the Snowden leaks, it’s clear that the vast majority of the IT security community doesn’t believe that the level of government surveillance has changed. What has changed is peoples’ views towards NSA surveillance. Many people suspected back in 2013 that there was a large-scale surveillance program in place, but the Snowden revelations started a national debate about privacy and security. If the recently passed legislation is any indication, people are demanding greater privacy and less government surveillance now than they did two years ago.”


By  Nathan Wenzler, Senior Technology Evangelist, Thycotic

Nathan WenzlerBio : Nathan has over a decade of experience designing, implementing and managing both technical and non-technical solutions for IT and Information Security organizations. Throughout his career, Nathan has helped government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies build new information security programs from scratch, as well as improve and broaden existing programs with a focus on process, workflow, risk management, and the personnel side of a successful security effort. Currently as the Senior Technology Evangelist for Thycotic, Nathan brings his expertise on security program development and implementation in both the public and private sector to admins, auditors, managers, and security professionals at a variety of conferences, trade shows, and educational events.

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Thycotic IT security and password management solutions empower companies to remove the complexities associated with proper access control and management of privileged accounts. An Inc. 5000 company, Thycotic is trusted by more than 3,000 customers worldwide – including members of the Fortune 500, enterprises, government agencies, technology firms, universities, non-profits and managed service providers. For more information , please visit

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