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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 20, 2015 05:10 pm PST

Comments on reports that a hacking group in China is one of the first to have targeted “air-gapped” networks that are not directly connected to the Internet, Franklyn Jones, CMO of Spikes Security (, explained:

Franklyn Jones, CMO of Spikes Security (

“Whenever you run two separate networks in an effort to be more secure, it’sstill impossible to control human behavior.  In this case, humans manually moved data from an insecure computer to a secure computer via a flash drive – and transferred malware in the process.  Ideally, one system should provide the security and web content isolation necessary to prevent malware from entering the network in the first place.”

FireEye released a 69-page technical report on Sunday on the group, which it calls APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) 30, which targeted organizations in southeast Asia and India.

Spikes Security, founded by former PayPal/Tesla/SpaceX tech lead Branden Spikes, specializes in this security area – its AirGap browser isolation system prevents all browser-borne malware from entering a network.

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Franklin JonesBio : Franklyn Jones has been providing marketing leadership for innovative start-ups and established market leaders for more than 20 years. His experience in network security includes VP of Marketing at Bromium (end point security) and nearly five years at Palo Alto Networks (next-generation firewalls), including living two years in London to help lead the company’s revenue growth in EMEA from zero to $60 million in preparation for a successful IPO. Jones also ran Solutions Marketing at BlueCoat, helping the company accelerate its revenue growth and expand its leadership in the web gateway security market. Earlier, he was VP of Marketing at ShoreTel and led the Global Solutions Marketing team at 3Com. Jones holds a BA from Michigan Technological University.

About Spikes Security

Spikes SecuritySpikes Security is a venture-backed Silicon Valley start-up founded in 2012. The company is focused on delivering secure, scalable, high performance software solutions that empower businesses with the freedom to safely leverage the web without fear of cyber attacks. It’s initial offering is AirGap™, a powerful browser security solution that prevents all browser-borne malware from entering corporate networks and infecting endpoints. For more information visit here
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