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By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 04, 2020 12:11 am PST

Meetup, a popular community-building events platform with 44 million members, was left open to attacks that could have resulted in data loss and, ultimately, the redirection of payments.

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Jonathan Miles
Jonathan Miles , Head of Strategic Intelligence and Security Research
August 4, 2020 8:13 am

Organisations continue to struggle with large-scale data leaks and this is because there is a failure to properly educate the workforce and developers, on cybersecurity hygiene. Fortunately, no data was lost in this instance, but had the problem not been mitigated, exploitation of the identified vulnerabilities could have been very damaging from a reputational, and financial standpoint. Customers that share data with organisations expect them to be responsible with it, ensuring its confidentiality, and integrity.

Any breaches are likely to see customers stop doing business with any company that fails in these basic requirements. The importance of correctly securing both data, and web sites, cannot be underestimated and all you have to do is look at other high-profile incidents to see the impact that they can have. Despite this, our State of Email Security report found 56% of organisations do not provide awareness training on a frequent basis, leaving organisations increasingly vulnerable to an increasing array of cyberattacks. With cybercriminals working hard to take advantage of any vulnerabilities that they can, organisations must invest in cybersecurity before it is too late.

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