Comments on new PCI DSS Standard

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 26, 2015 05:05 pm PST

Reaction from Richard Blech, CEO of Secure Channels to the new PCI DSS 3.1 standard

We applaud PCI counsel for recognizing that SSL is broken. There’s a dichotomy to the term ‘Best Practices’ –  by definition, ‘Best Practices’ does not mean using the broken standard. Upgrading the standards to allow merchants and business partners to protect payment data still leaves companies vulnerable. The vast array of tools that hackers use to get payment data such as RAM scraping needs to be stopped in its tracks by addressing the core problem. The credit card info is being stolen, if it were protected with deep encryption it would not matter.

The solution needs to be defined, designed, developed and deployed. There’s an absolute and unequivocal relationship.  PCI-DSS calls out Best Practice techniques in protecting critical information, with a wide-array of controls for front-end, middle-tier, and back-end platforms.  While the PCI framework is not the cure for all breaches, it was created as a launch pad to first set up an intermediate technical roadmap; second, to create and energize a forum aligning customers, businesses, and technology; and third, to promote checks and balances for each responsible party, fair to their level of activity.

Traditional Swipe and EMV is still susceptible to well-known and documented RAM scraping malware, which continues to evolve via sophisticated methods.  The SSL TLS session intervenes after MiTM active attacks have compromised the Point of Sale terminal; hence all the user data is already stolen. Technologies are available that address the issue at its core where the data is originated and saved by enabling a “Secure Execution” environment, done with great detail to preserving hardened and uncompromising end-to-end security.

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