Convincing New EE Scam Stealing Login Credentials And Banking Details

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 10, 2021 06:02 am PST


It has been reported that EE customers are being warned to be on the lookout for a convincing new scam that’s trying to steal login credentials and banking details. The new threat arrives in the form of a very convincing email that claims that a payment issue has occurred and disconnection from the network will follow unless the user authenticates their account. It seems this shock scam is growing at a rapid pace with a number of customers reporting that they received the email during the past few days.

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Steven Hope
Steven Hope , CEO and co-founder
August 10, 2021 2:04 pm

<p>This is a classic phishing attack which has matured to look very legitimate. The days of easy to spot scams are over as poor grammar and spelling (once hallmarks of a phishing attack) are less common. Now that the bad guys also have access to spell check and Grammarly everybody needs to be much more careful. EE today, somebody else tomorrow; unfortunately, this type of thing is not going away.</p>
<p>If an email seems to feed off of fear, create worry or urgency there is a good chance it isn’t legitimate. Training people to spot this is very hard and common sense often goes out the window when we are under pressure. However, you can prevent these types of attacks by just following one simples rule: Don’t give away any information when somebody contacts you. This holds true for receiving an email, text or a phone call. If you think something may be real then contact the company yourself using the details you already have. Companies (banks too) must also stop contacting customers and asking for their security information as it becomes very hard to distinguish between real and fake.</p>

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