CTO On Ransomware Attack On University Hospital New Jersey

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 17, 2020 08:06 pm PST

In reference to the news of the recent ransomware attack on University Hospital New Jersey (UHNJ) – it was reported the institution has suffered a massive 48,000 document data breach after a ransomware operation leaked their stolen data. Furthermore it was found that the SunCrypt ransomware operation has leaked the data have leaked a 1.7 GB archive containing over 48,000 documents.

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Dr. Vinay Sridhara
September 18, 2020 4:10 am

Ransomware attacks on healthcare care organizations continue to plague the industry and this attack highlights the vital need for healthcare organizations to achieve full visibility of their network infrastructure in order to identify and prevent ransomware attacks that can potentially endanger patients and hinder operations.

In this case, sources note that an employee of UHNJ was infected with the TrickBot trojan at the end of August. When a computer is infected with TrickBot, it can lead to a full compromise of the network with ransomware.

To defend against these types of attacks, organizations must get ahead of the threat by using proactive technologies to help identify and mitigate the risk of ransomware before an outbreak occurs. Solutions that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to quantify and prioritize breach risk can ensure maximum breach risk reduction from a given set of resources.

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