Cyber Aware and #OneReset

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 23, 2018 05:45 am PST

In light of the Cyber Aware survey results that found that 52% of 18-25 year old’s in the UK are using the same password for lots of services, and the #OneReset campaign, Steve Schult, Sr. Director Product Management at LastPass commented below. 

Steve Schult, Sr. Director Product Management at LastPass: 

isbuzz author male 1“It’s great to see the government raising awareness around cybersecurity and password management with the #OneReset campaign and their survey with Experian. While changing your passwords to something unique is a great first step to upping your security game, it’s also important to understand that memorising special characters, capitals and numbers across all online accounts isn’t natural behaviour; if it was, we wouldn’t be so inclined to using the same passwords in the first place!

In order to effectively tackle the problem of password reuse, the government should also raise awareness of the technology available that can make managing your passwords easier and more secure. By using password managers, remembering more than one password should be a thing of the past. All the work is done for you, and it’s the easiest way to ensure your accounts are secure and protected.”