Cyber Crime Extradition Could Set New Conviction Precedent

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 17, 2016 05:15 pm PST

A man suspected of hacking into US government computer systems is to be extradited from Britain to face trial, a court has ruled. Chris Hodson, CISO EMEA at Zscaler commented below.

Chris Hodson, CISO EMEA at Zscaler:

christopher-hodson“This extradition ruling could well be setting a new precedent for cybercrime convictions. The penalties for cybercrime have historically been disproportionate to in-person crime.  However, this verdict could see that change, as cybercrime is now more frequent and more damaging to nation states and businesses than ever before.

“By its very nature, hacking and online crime is complex and difficult to track, making attribution a tricky area for authorities. Even more so, when it comes to organised, financially-motivated criminal syndicates. The real challenge for courts and nation states is how they catch and prosecute the organised criminal syndicates that consistently cause economic loss and political havoc.

“This ruling should send a clear message to those who break the Computer Misuse Act and other international laws, thinking that extradition is unlikely.

“For nation states and organisations concerned about computer security, they must shift their thinking beyond applying updates to each vulnerability. Instead, ensuring they have a holistic understanding of the data flowing on their network, regardless of device or location. By having that clear view, patterns and indeed red flags will be easier to spot. This will help defend against international cyber-crime.”

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