Cyber Security Investment Speech

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 23, 2015 09:00 pm PST

Kevin Bocek, a security expert from Venafi, commented on the news about George Osborne’s planned speech on cybersecurity spending. He has summarised the problem as he sees it below.

Kevin Bocek, a Security Expert from Venafi said :

“It’s good to see the government increasing funding and making cybersecurity a top priority. In reality there is there is a clear and present danger that terrorists will hijack parts of the internet, and even more worryingly use the internet to take control of physical assets ranging from cars to planes to power plants and even the slew of devices that are now starting to control our homes.

A major part of the problem is that the fundamental way in which we trust the internet has not changed in over 20 years. Whether we are logging into email or an Airbus A380 running code, the way we trust we are connecting to someone, the way we trust apps, the way the world economy operates is based on the trust from digital certificates and cryptographic keys. They might be obscure to some, but are well known to the NSA, GCHQ, and an emerging set of cyber-adversaries from China to terrorists. Criminals and terrorists are now starting to use these keys and certificates against us. In some cases they have actually learnt from the actions of our governments.

Just look at Stuxnet, which was developed by the US and Israeli governments to target Iran’s nuclear program; a stolen certificate was used to actually get the malware to be completely trusted by Iranian facilities. Now we must consider what happens when our government or business networks or even the emerging Internet of Things can be hijacked, ransomed, or even worse destroyed. At best this leads to chaos, at worst it will cost lives. The foundation of the Internet security is over 20 years old. It is critical that government and business now look to strengthen the foundation, building in an immune system to protect”

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