Cyber Security Professionals Suffering From Burnout

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Tim Sadler
Tim Sadler , CEO
InfoSec Expert
December 20, 2021 12:30 pm

<p>Fatigue and burnout is something that we are all susceptible to – especially in light of the pandemic. And cybersecurity professionals are no exception. We often fail to accept that working flat-out is not sustainable, despite some of the thrills that can be had by staying up all night to defend an organisation from a cyber threat.</p><p>Our recent research revealed that security teams are some of the most overworked professionals, with many working up to 24 hours extra per week. But, for efficient and effective cybersecurity, professionals must be focused and decisive in order to maximise cyber attack prevention and to combat cyber attacks when they occur. The potential for human error can be very costly and any way that risk can be reduced needs to be considered. Organisations need to be accountable for ensuring that their employees are not overstretched to the point that their end results suffer and finding ways to alleviate the pressures that lead to burnout should be a priority.</p>

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