Cyber Security Training From Your Own Home

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 29, 2014 01:52 am PST

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of working people around the globe, balancing equal time between your career, family and recreation is literally impossible. Though we’ve been using the 24-hour model forever, it seems like there’s never enough time in a day to get everything done. It’s a common dilemma many cyber security professionals face when weighing the possibility of earning a new certification: the issue of time, accessibility and manageability. When will I find the time to complete new training? How can I access this material when class is done for the day? Will I be able to manage this course load in between directing this project at work? TrainACE, a leader in cyber security training, is here to help. We feel your pain. We know your agony. And we’ve got an amazing solution to make sure that the words “but I’m too busy” never once come from your lips again.

With our online cyber security training, you’ll be able to use all of the same tools and resources you’d find within a traditional classroom, and then some. Unlike other training companies that sell online training with confusing interfaces, a mismatched course curriculum that doesn’t help you pass the certification exam , and a limited amount of course materials, our courseware is 100 percent interactive, user-friendly, affordable and relevant to the material covered on the exam. Additionally, we offer a unique library of courses you won’t find anywhere else. Ever heard of Ethical Hacking Methods or Managing Cyber Security Threats? Our diverse group of classes will make your resume stand out for sure.

Want access to a plethora of lecture and reading materials? Our online portal has that. Need to ability to experiment within a lab environment? Our portal can take you there. Prefer detailed instruction and a comprehensive course curriculum? We’ve got you covered. The best part about all of this? You determine when you access the material! If you have a jam-packed week but are free on Saturdays, take your CISSP (or whatever you prefer) training then! With the ability to determine your own schedule, you increase your ability to excel! Studies show that when individuals are less distracted, their performance improves drastically.

Not only is our online training smarter for your professional development, but it’s smarter for your wallet as well. Why spend an exorbitant amount with traditional classroom learning when you can slash that bill in half by attending our online training? Competitors will charge you for your enrollment and tack on additional costs for courseware, leaving your wallet bare. All of online classes automatically come with those materials, so you won’t be thwarted with hidden feeds. If you’re a traditionalist and are wary of the thought of online learning, be not afraid: our online courses are certified.

Remember when you vowed you’d complete that CASP training some odd years ago but couldn’t because of your schedule? Those days are over. With TrainACE’s online cyber security training you can determine your own class schedule to ensure mastery of the course.

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